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Problem with usage of suffixmassage and meta database

I am attempting to use "database meta" to direct queries to either one of two backend databases.

The queries come in in the form "cn=user1,dc=alpha,dc=ufl,dc=edu" or "cn=user2,dc=beta,dc=ufl,dc=edu".

I  have multible local databases alpha, beta, and prod.  There are some accounts which have info in those databases and others which should be redirected to a campus active directory server.

If I send in the requests as "cn=user1,dc=ufl,dc=edu", etc then both the local databases and the remote active directory one can service them.  This works well.

I would like to call them with the alpha, beta, or prod in the dn so that the appropriate local database is consulted but if there is no match then the active directory server is queried.  I seem to be having problems with the suffixmassage directive since this does not seem to be working.

Any help would be appreciated.

Below is the relevent section of my slapd.conf file.



database        meta
suffix          "dc=ufl,dc=edu"
uri             "ldap://localhost:390/dc=alpha,dc=ufl,dc=edu";
uri             "ldap://localhost:390/dc=beta,dc=ufl,dc=edu";
uri             ldap://localhost:390/dc=prod,dc=ufl,dc=edu
uri             "ldap://ldap.ad.ufl.edu/dc=alpha,dc=ufl,dc=edu";
acl-authcDN "cn=SVC-LDAP,OU=Service Accounts,OU=Departments,OU=UF,DC=ad,DC=ufl,DC=edu"
acl-passwd 'ssssssssss'
rewriteEngine on
suffixmassage "dc=alpha,dc=ufl,dc=edu" "dc=ad,dc=ufl,dc=edu"
lastmod off