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autogroup error


i'd like to use the autogroup module found in the contrib tree of the openldap sources.
So I took sources from openldap.org and rebuilt openldap 2.4.11.
I've also built manually autogroup.so, thanks to its makefile, and copied it with other ldap modules.

Then I've followed the quick start user guide from openldap.org, to build the dc=example,dc=com tree. It's working fine with this simple configuration.

In order to test the autogroup module, I have followed the README of this module, an dmodified my slapd.conf and my dyngroup.schema.
Then my slapd starts correctly, but every request generates an error. Here is the error that can be seen in debug logs :
ldap_read: want=8 error=Resource temporarily unavailable
conn=0 op=1 do_search
send_ldap_result: err=53 matched="" text="operation not supported within namingContext"
seoverlay autogroupnd_ldap_response: msgid=2 tag=101 err=53

If i remove  "overlay autogroup" and "autogroup-attrset groupOfURLs memberURL member" from slapd.conf, everythings works perfectly!!

Does someone can help me to get autogroup work?