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Syncrepl question

Hi all,

We have a small size domain with about 500 users and computers. We are using Samba with Openldap integration to authenticate user login and file sharing. Our setup is consist of 3 servers running Gentoo Linux - 1PDC and 2BDCs. As for replication, we are still using "slurpd". Any changes or modification is done through the PDC which replicates the changes to BDC1, then from BDC1, it then goes down to BDC2 - it's like a chain.

We want to start using "syncrepl" soon as a way to replicate our database but I'm not sure were to start. We want to setup all of our machine to sync with each other everyday, and not worry which machine is use to make changes, modification, etc.... I'm not sure which syncrepl function to use to achieve what we want to do. Is "N-Way Multi Master replication" the correct choice to do this? We are using "BDB" database on each servers, and would like to achieve this with minimal downtime if possible. What is the best way to do this? Please advise.

Any help is greatly appreciated.