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Re: [SOLVED] Re: SLAPD 2.4.9 and OpenSSL 0.9.8g on Ubuntu 8.04 server - client certificate not read

On Thursday 28 August 2008 12:28:25 Hauke Coltzau wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> thank you all for your immediate replies.
> As you correctly pointed out, the options I used were wrong.
> With following ldap.conf, everything works out fine.
>   base dc=...
>   URI ldaps://<fqdn of ldap server>/
>   ldap_version 3
>   rootbinddn cn=...
>   bind_policy soft
>   pam_password md5
>   TLS_CACERT /usr/lib/ssl/certs/<ca>.chain.crt
> The ldap.conf I used before has been created by dpkg-reconfigure
> and I simply changed the default values there. That was a mistake ;-)
> Creating a new ldap.conf from scratch with a man-page at hand
> obviously did the trick.

You still seem to be confused between different ldap.conf files, bind_policy, 
pam_password etc. are not valid in the OpenLDAP ldap.conf file, most likely 
one belongs in /etc/libnss_ldap.conf and the the other in 
/etc/libpam_ldap.conf (on Debian-based systems, or /etc/ldap.conf on distros 
that use the default config file location for nss_ldap/pam_ldap as shipped 

While you may have a working configuration, it may be more  by luck than good