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Re: some attributes forbidden in a schema

nicolas@gibelin.fr wrote:
attributetype ( eloOrganizationalUnitAttribute:7.30.2008.1.22
  NAME 'street'

attributetype ( eloOrganizationalUnitAttribute:7.30.2008.1.23
  NAME 'postalCode'

You're reusing NAMEs of other attribute types with different OID.

When I restart slapd, I have an error (but no output was produced) ans there is nothing niteresting in syslog.

Start "slapd -d 65535".

If I change the attributes' names (street -> cstreet, postalCode -> cpostalCode for instance), all works fine.

Yupp. As expected since 'street' and 'postalCode' are already defined in core.schema and you leave it that way.

I could keep my schema like that but it's not very beautiful.

What exactly do you want to achieve? If you have your own object class you can simply use 'street' and 'postalCode' therein without redefining these attribute types.

Ciao, Michael.