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Re: DN question

2008/8/15 Michael Ströder <michael@stroeder.com>:
> Kós Tamás wrote:
>> For information a search output:
>> [..]
>> # Gipsz Jakab
>> dn: CN=Gipsz Jakab
>> cn: Gipsz Jakab
>> mail: gjakab@xxx.xxx
>> displayname: Gipsz Jakab
>> objectclass: dominoPerson
> So this is Domino/LDAP? Domino/LDAP returns DNs for entries based on the
> Notes hierachical name (1:1 mapping).
> Could you please elaborate what your problem is?
> Ciao, Michael.

Yeah, this is (Domino/LDAP). We got a secondary directory (dirass)
distributed by LDAP. The entries in the secondary directory contains
those attributes what you could see my previous mail. Our (my) problem
is, to modify already added entries, which could has same name (CN).
The users in the secondary directory not registered, synchronized from
an other.

Thanks for your help!

Ciao, Tamas.

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