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Re: LDAP Group Membership Scalability

Howard Chu wrote:
Jeff Sussna wrote:
I am looking into using OpenLDAP to manage users and groups for my
system. A single group may contain up to 50,000 users. Does the LDAP
group membership mechanism suffer any scalability problems at that size?

Not if you configure sortvals - see slapd.conf(5) or slapd-config(5).

One of our partners has a group in their corporate directory whose members comprise every employee in the company, over 380,000 people. Personally I think this is a poor choice of design, but it works fine when properly configured.

I did some testing a while back without sortvals and was able to put around 90k members in a group before I started running into issues with adding/modifying the group.

A simple tweak of the bdb lockers in DB_CONFIG allowed me to create a group with 450k members. The corresponding LDIF was around 20M.