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Re: Basic Master/Slave replication, take slave down, slave hangs

Brad T Waldorf wrote:
This may be problem that's been fixed from 2.4.6 to 2.4.11.  I'm hoping
someone recognizes it and can confirm it's been fixed.  (We committed to
2.4.6 for the short term future.)

We think the problem is with the following code in tpool.c.  Specifically,
ltp_open_count  has a value of 1, so we're stuck in a loop.
If we set ltp_open_count to 0, the server comes down properly.  At that
point we can restart it again.

while (pool->ltp_open_count) {
                 if (!pool->ltp_pause)

Does this problem look familiar to anyone?

Sounds like this: OpenLDAP 2.4.9 Release (2008/05/07) Fixed libldap_r tpool pause checks (ITS#5364, #5407)

You can find this sort of thing yourself

Once again, we apologize for being on a backlevel release... but we
committed to 2.4.6 for the first release, which is coming up shortly.
We'll be upgrading for future releases... and we're hoping this problem (if
it is a real problem) has been fixed.

Thanks in advance...

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