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Re: VMware and mirror/multimaster

On Thu, 31 Jul 2008, Michael Ströder wrote:

> This very much depends on the hardware your host system is running on 
> and the guest OS you're using.

Host is Ubuntu 8.04.1 on dual-core 3GHz Intel, 2Gb memory, and the guest 
is FreeBSD 7.0.  I know that none of this is officially supported, but I 
had no say in it.  The box is going to get more memory soon, as it can 
barely support three virtual hosts.


> There is clock sync information by VMWare.

The fix for a FreeBSD guest is "kern.hz=100".  I've been monitoring the 
host with Nagios, and I've seen the NTP clock drift by up to a minute 
before re-syncing; probably not good for ordinary replication...

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