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Re: updateref difficulty


John Oliver wrote:
> I added an updateref statement to my slave/consumer server, referring
> back to the master/producer:
> updateref ldap://test1.mydomain.com
> Aug  5 09:21:19 unix-services2 slapd[29985]: send_ldap_response:
> ref="ldap://test1.mydomain.com/uid=joliver,ou=People,dc=mydomain,dc=com";
> Howver, nothing is logged on the master, and the client bombs out with:
> LDAP password information update failed: Can't contact LDAP server

With which tool are you trying to update the password?

If you configured "pam_ldap" and are using "passwd" to change your
password, this should work, as "pam_ldap" will follow referrals.

If you are using "ldapmodify" (or "ldapadd", "ldappasswd", etc.) it will
not work since those tools do not follow referrals (AFAIR).