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Re: VMware and mirror/multimaster

Howard Chu wrote:
Howard Chu wrote:
Dave Horsfall wrote:
Has anyone tried mirroring or multimaster under VMware i.e. are the
virtual clocks stable enough? We're starting to use VMware to cut down on
the number of physical hosts, but I'd like to use the latest 2.4 features
as well.

I don't have any long-term experience with that setup, just use VMware for
short-duration tests. My suspicion is that the clock stability isn't very
good, and ntpd can't correct for it...

Thinking about this some more - why would you ever do this?

1. Separation of operational processes at machine-level.
2. Importing, exporting, cloning, taking snapshots of VMs (e.g. I'm often preparing machines with VMWare workstation which are then imported into GSX/ESX server.)
3. HA with ESX cluster setups.

If you're consolidating many physical servers into a single physical server, just run a single slapd on the consolidated server. You'll have more RAM available and much less overhead.

Sometimes scaling up does not have the highest priority.

If all of your servers are going to just be in VMs running on the same machine, and they're all replicating with each other, you have no hardware redundancy, so you may as well just run a single slapd on the real machine.

One of my customers is running a VMWare ESX cluster in two separate datacenters. Very handy.

Ciao, Michael.