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id returns no such user


I have 2 servers, one act as master and other as slave syncing data
with syncrepl user without a problem.
Suddenly and after adding an index to the slapd.conf (the problem is
probably somewhere else but just mentioning the last thing that I did)
on the slave server where email is running I'm getting a:
id: shipsec: No such user
wherever I'm trying to see a users details.
Then webmail, pop etc are not working because machine is not able to
resolve the users from ldap.
Howver, the getent passwd command return with all users from ldap like
been local without a problem.
All users under /home are like 1700:users insteed of username:users.

The problem is only at the slave as If I stop the ldap on the slave
then everything works as it use the master for getting the ids.

Any idea?

Stelios A