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Re: openLDAP, DCHP and DNS

On Tue, 22 Jul 2008 18:50:29 -0700, openLDAP <openLDAP@theindianmaiden.com>
> I would like to configure my openLDAP network using DHCP for my client
> machines.  Is it necessary to have DNS names for all my clients, e.g.
> something.domain.com, for OpenLDAP to work properly or will it work as
> long
> as my openldap servers have fully qualified domain names?


If you require TLS/SSL for your LDAP communication between the clients and
the servers (including between the servers for replication), you need to
use FQDN (something.domain.com). If you do not use FQDN, the certificate
verification may complain and/or refuse to let you connect.

If TLS or SSL is not a requirement, FQDN is not necessary.

Hope this helps,