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BDB selection, et al.

I have noticed that the Symas packages user BDB 4.2 (with 2.3.42) as does Ubuntu with 2.4.9+. I was wondering what the preference is over 4.4 (which I use) and 4.[67].

I ask because I build OpenLDAP (among other things) for AIX 5.2/5.3/6.1 at (shameless plug) http://pware.hvcc.edu/ and I was considering moving to 2.4.10 with BDB 4.6, but now I am not certain where to go for a few of reasons:

* Why the choice to stay with BDB 4.2? 

* And OpenSSL 0.9.7l (over the 0.9.8 series)?

* 2.3.39 has been *stable* since 11/2007 and I have not moved from that point within the software suite offered. Is a later version of 2.3 going to be marked stable (like is in the Symas prodcut).

* 2.4.x seems stable enough to me and certainly to Ubuntu x86[_64], but I would like some other indication that I should make the leap before I begin to change dependencies to several of the products I produce. Is 2.4.x going to be marked stable in the near future?

I appreciate all of the work of the OpenLDAP team and the community. I welcome any suggestions to help me make the right decision.

In the meantime, my own production servers remain at 2.3.39-stable, but I can be persuaded to upgrade. :-)