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Re: openldap entry modification

Michael Ströder wrote:
my question is: is it fine to delete an entry and re-add it?? does
this affect the performance of openLDAP?

I consider this to be bad practice:
1. A new entry gets a new entryUUID which definitely leads to a new entry being replicated. Note that some other legacy sync mechanisms might also rely on entryUUID being constant for a given entity represented by the entry.
2. The directory server might do some other things hidden to the application with other operational attributes (e.g. MS AD). This might lead to user accounts being deactivated when being re-added etc.

3. If your ACLs define write-only passwords like I usually do with OpenLDAP or like MS AD does it then you don't have a chance to re-add the fully activated entry even when connecting as admin user.

Ciao, Michael.