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slapd was refusing connections from local clients

I had a strange situation where the slapd would accept connections from
other machines, but not from the local host.  It didn't matter whether
the local client program was the RADIUS server or ldapsearch.  According
to netstat & lsof, slapd was listening on all interfaces. 


    * CentOS release 4.6
    * slapd 2.2.13 (Jul 11 2008 09:16:05)  (CentOS package)
    * This slapd maintains a replica data base.  (The slapd on the
      master server is slapd 2.3.35, Jun 11 2007, running on Solaris 10.)
    * FreeRADIUS Version 1.0.1, built on May 10 2007 -- it uses the
      local slapd to get user names & passwords.

Yesterday we had a power outage, and the UPS didn't work :-(  Someone
suggested that maybe things came up in the wrong order & that a reboot
would help.  And the reboot did indeed solve the problem.

But I'd still like to know what happened.  Before the reboot, I even
tried turning on the following log levels (in /etc/slapd.conf):

    loglevel conns  config  stats sync packets BER ACL none

But I really couldn't find any messages that helped me understand *why*
I had this strange problem.

Any suggestions, or even pointers on how to find out?  Thanks.

Haim (Howard) Roman
Computer Center, Jerusalem College of Technology
Phone: 052-8-592-599 (6022 from within Machon Lev)