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Re: Problems using OpenLPAP for authentification of users: Client library issues STARTTLS but TLS is not configured

Dieter Kluenter schrieb:

Hello Dieter,

Some Linux distributions have enabled 'ssl start_tls' as default,
please check your /etc/ldap.conf carefully.

thanks for your help. Tracing getent passwd, i could see that ldap.conf is first searched in /etc, then in /etc/openldap. And OpenSUSE 11.0 installs /etc/ldap.conf with the pwdutils package and /etc/openldap/ldap.conf with the openldap package. I did all my configuration work in /etc/openldap/ldap.conf. But /etc/ldap.conf contains the line ssl start_tls. I´ve now removed /etc/ldap.conf and the nss_ldap error is gone.

I will probably open a bugzilla case because it´s very annoying.

Greetings, Jörg