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AW: Importing data from SunLDAP to OpenLDAP

Hello Jayesh,

>I just set up OpenLDAP instance and would like to export data from my
SunLDAP and import into my OpenLDAP instance. How do I go about it? 

Do an LDIF export on the SunLDAP, try to import it into OpenLDAP.

>My  main concern is, how do I make sure that the exported files' field
will match and import properly in my OpenLDAP database.

For this, you probably have to compare entry definitions in each branch
and then compare whether the schemas you are using are compatible.

>Please let me know, if any of you have gone through migration from
SunLDAP to OpenLDAP and have any pointers for me.

That was all we had to do, for data migration.