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Re: N-way multimaster

I 'm working with openLDAP 2.4.9.

I'm testing in a Lab to realize an implementation after that.

I make changes in master A, meanwhile master B is not working; after that master A stop. There are no masters working.
I restart master A and master B manually, when I look for differences:
master A is OK
master B has the adds OK, but the deletions are not synchronized.

I'm going to upgrade to 2.4.10 meanwhile



2008/7/8 Buchan Milne <bgmilne@staff.telkomsa.net>:

On Mon, 2008-07-07 at 11:30 -0300, Miguel Jinez wrote:
>         Hi.
>         I need help to fix a problem.
>         I am running openLdap 2.4

Can you provide the exact version number?

>         I have configurated 2 multimaster servers, which works fine,
>         but I was thinking what happen if one of them die? When that
>         master is restarted read the "logold" parameter in the other
>         master and synchronize the changes, problem solved.
>         But what happen if one master dies, meanwhile the other master
>         performs changes in the Ldap tree (add, modify, delete) and
>         that master dies too?

You would have no working master?

I assume you mean if changes are made on both sides while replication is
not occurring. Except for conflicting changes (where the most recent
change will win), all the changes should converge on all servers.

>         I have test it and the deletes that I made in the second
>         master are not synchronized on the first one,

I think there were some bugs fixed between 2.4.8 and 2.4.10 regarding
replication of deletions. If you aren't running 2.4.10, you should
upgrade and test again. If you still have problems, you should file an

>          and I don t know how I can synchronize this deletions, I have
>         accesslog configurated, I can see in the second one log these
>         changes but the first one the deletions shows modifys