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Re: Identifying replicas behind a load balancer

"Sean Burford" <unix.gurus@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi,
> To help with troubleshooting I would like to identify my replicas through
> an ldap search, even when they are behind a load balancer.  I was
> wondering what method and attribute other people generally use for this
> purpose.
> The RootDSE may be unique for each host, I can add a RootDSE config
> line to slapd.conf to insert an ldif into the root DSE, so it seems to
> be the ideal spot for per server identification.

This would be the easiest way, just create a ldif file with an empty
dn, objectClass OpenLDAProotDSE and cn with hostname as value, but cn
is a user attribut and not an operational attributtype, thus cn would
not be presented when searching all operational attributes of rootDSE.

> Other spots include cn=monitor, cn=config, cn=Subschema or the main
> directory tree.  The monitorConnectionPeerAddress attribute in
> cn=monitor isn't useable for identifying the server, since the address
> appears as IP=  

You may run slapd(8) listening on a dedicated IP, this IP will be
reported in cn=monitor.


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