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Re: Integrate openldap with postfix

Do not top post. See http://www.greenend.org.uk/rjk/2000/06/14/quoting.html for further information on the issue.

Aravind Arjunan wrote:
hi ,
I have followed the document which you had send.
I had created a separated file called aliases in /etc/postfix/
I mentioned my ldap details in that file.
I need to know whether i need to create file called aliases or aliases.cf?

You can call it almost whatever you want. as long as you refer to the correct name in main.cf.

Then i executed the command postmap /etc/postfix/aliases
In the document which you given, they have mentioned to complie the postfix.
I have not installed postfix or ldap with source code.I have installed rpm alone.

You do not need to do *everything* mentioned in the README. It is for your reference. However, you need to know whether your Postfix supports LDAP lookups. The command "postconf -m" will list the supported lookup types in your installation. If "ldap" is not in that list, you need to compile it yourself or get yourself another RPM.

I need to know, i have all my users information in ldap database.
Wheather i need to create users in OS level also
.Since am having nearly 20000 users.
But if we create users in OS then there is no need for ldap.

It should work just fine using LDAP.

Since this is the critical issue, and we are in the implementation of a project.
plz some how help us with this issue

If this is indeed critical for you or your organization, then it's probably time for some Postfix training. How to solve Postfix issues is not for this list to discuss. I suggest you read the Postfix documentation, including Postfix' mailing list archives.