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Performance - keep connection open between operations?

 I have some code that connects do LDAP, and between LDAP operations for a connection made, I have to contact other server (not LDAP), I wanna know if closing the connection to LDAP and then making it again (and of course a new bind) will take more time (I guess so) than wait for the "other" server to respond, and keep the connection to LDAP open. On some tests, the whole code (connect to the other server, closing that connection, and after that connecting to LDAP), with similar operations (operations performed on the "other" server and on the LDAP server) take no more than 1 second. The test was made with a *test* LDAP server, serves just me, but the "other" server, is a production one, that "almost 1 second group of operations" was made on a test LDAP server, and a real "other" server(busy), our company has a huge network and that server is clustered, thousands of connections/minute.

 I think it's best to connect to LDAP, bind, make operations on LDAP server, keep the connection open, query the "other" server, then get back with the LDAP operations, and just then close the connection to the LDAP server, what do you think?


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