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Re: Comments requested on some support for LDAP I received from Konica Minolta.

On Monday 30 June 2008 12:25:21 Neil Marjoram wrote:
> I would really like to here the groups comments on this email I received
>   from KonicaMinolta, it refers to the Bizhub C451 printer, but I
> suspect it applies to the whole range. On purchase of the printer I was
> told it supports LDAP, and as you may expect this response somewhat
> annoys me!
> quote "Thank you for your observations,
> We have now received a reply from our colleagues in Germany and they
> have confirmed the following concerning LDAP compatibility on
> KonicaMinolta machines:
> "In a Windows environment, it will work fine, but as soon as Open Source
> is used, it may fail.


> All Windows based LDAP V3 compatible Servers are supported.

So OpenLDAP on Windows should work? And Sun JES LDAP on Windows ? And Netscape 
Directory Server? And eDirectory ?

Anyway, if you provide more detail on exactly what your original problem was, 
maybe it can be resolved.