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Re: Need to configure openLDAP client to request authenication in LDAP version 2 format

Buchan Milne wrote:
Either way, it doesn't seem that the library can set the LDAP protocol version (so, you can't put it in an OpenLDAP configuration file). You will have to see whether PloneLDAP supports setting the protocol version. It doesn't appear possible via configuration (from what I have seen), you may have to hack PloneLDAP up a bit, or get a real LDAP server ....

I think the issue of the original poster is not with PloneLDAP, rather with his mail server which seems to have a LDAPv2 interface.

FYI: PloneLDAP is implemented in Python and therefore uses python-ldap as a LDAP API (which is for the protocol part a wrapper around the OpenLDAP client libs). In opposite to the OpenLDAP client libs python-ldap sets the default for protocol version to LDAPv3 (since version 2.0.0pre12 as of 2003-05-27). Although strictly speaking this was a incompatible API change nobody ever complained since then. ;-)

Ciao, Michael.