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Re: Need to configure openLDAP client to request authenication in LDAP version 2 format

"kenglund" <kenglund@sbc.edu> writes:

> Hello,
> I am installing a new version of our Zope/Plone software for hosting
> our web portal.  The new software is using a product called PloneLDAP,
> which (I think) in turn requests authentication using openLDAP client.
> openLDAP is authenticating through our mail server, which wants bind
> requests in version 2 format. Modification of the mail server software
> to use version 3 authentication does not seem to be an option, as
> (according to my Tech guy) it is âreally not LDAPâ, but has an âLDAP
> Likeâ interface.  The interface requires the bind to look like this:
> ldapConnection, userid, password
> not in version 3 format, which looks like this:
> ldapConnection, uid=âuseridâ, password
> I have tried to force openLDAP client to perform bind requests using
> the âldap_version 2â parameter in the
> /usr/local/etc/openldap/ldap.conf system-wide ldap configuration file,
> and also in a .ldaprc file stored in the Zope working directory.
> Neither seem to work.  Can anyone tell me how to successfully
> configure openLDAP to send a version 2 bind request?

man slapd.conf(5), allow bind_v2
but it seems, your examples are not valid anyhow, please give a
precise example of your bind request.


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