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meta config help

We are attempting to setup a configuration that would allow us to bind/search 2 different back-ends with 2 completely different suffixes.  Below is our configuration and the error we get back.  We are able to connect to both back-ends provided the other is commented out in the slapd.conf file so we are sure the suffix change works for both targets.

database        meta
suffix          "dc=virtual"
lastmod         off

uri             "ldap://foo.wuaddev.wustl.edu/dc=virtual"
suffixmassage   "dc=virtual" "ou=Users,ou=Persons,dc=wuaddev,dc=wustl,dc=edu"

#uri            "ldap://bar.wustl.edu/dc=virtual"
#suffixmassage  "dc=virtual" "OU=users,OU=ais"

[search command]
-bash-3.00# ldapsearch -h localhost -v -b 'dc=virtual' -s sub -D 'cn=ssbinduser,dc=virtual' -w 'foobar' 'cn=ssbinduser'
ldapsearch: started Tue Jun 17 13:28:59 2008

ldap_init( localhost, 389 )
ldap_simple_bind: Operations error

[Debug output of /usr/local/libexec/slapd]
Ldap Err: DSID-0C0906 2B, comment: In order to perform  this operation a successful bind must be completed on the connection., data 0, vece.

This error comes from the remote LDAP server not accepting the bind request successfully.

Your insight is greatly appreciated.