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Re: Fwd: openldap

On Tuesday 17 June 2008 15:40:50 Aravind Arjunan wrote:
> Ya i had tried through schema, in internet.

Why don't you inspect the schema you have installed on your server? Either by:
1)looking at the schema files directly
2)Using a schema-aware GUI tool (such as Luma)
3)Searching the cn=Subschema on the server

You should be able to do a design based largely on the schemas that are 
already available by default.

> It was mentioned tat we can create our own schema for eg: test.schema

I don't know why people always jump to the conclusion that they need a custom 
schema for basic functionality.

> and we can add the list off attributes that are required for us.
> I have tried that also but it was not working.
> I will tell the objective of mine.
> we have mailserver in RHEL 5 and ldap server is separate.
> we have all the user information in ldap server including
> mail id
> mail box location
> and other things related to mail and organization.

Well, this is largely up to the MTA, which may have specific requirements, or 
ship a specific schema, or use a well-known schema (e.g. Postfix is often 
used with the qmail.schema, which was designed for qmail-ldap initially).

> so when  a user sends mail the information must want to fetched from ldap
> server
> and work accordingly.

Yes, this would be considered basic functionality (supported by the 

> somehow please help with this issue.Since i need some help from you guys.
> And thanks in advance.

You could start off by listing which schema files you have  included in your 
server configuration, and which attributes you require which aren't supported 
by these ....

/me wonders why the MTA  needs a nickname attribute ....