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Re: Shell script to monitor LDAP server

"Alexandre Vieira" <nullpt@gmail.com> writes:

> Hello all,
> I have a Solaris 10 system that queries a clients openldap server to deliver a
> certain service and the client is complaining that my system sometimes denies
> services to clients. Well my system only denies service to clients if the
> openldap system from the customer fails to answer.
> In this sense I tried to write a script to monitor the openldap server and its
> responsiveness but ldapsearch client in Solaris 10 doesn't work as I expected
> :(
> For example, all ok:
> bash# ldapsearch -v -b '' -s base -h 'objectclass=top'
> namingContexts
> ldapsearch: started Fri Jun 13 01:51:53 2008

You should search the monitor backend, with something like
ldapsearch -b "cn=connections,cn=monitor" -s sub 


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