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Password policy questions

Hi list,

I'd like to do something rather simple (at least to me) with password policy :
* Ensure the userPassword is 6 characters long at least
* Ensure there's at least onenumber
* Ensure there's at least one uppercase character

I found out my first condition can be set by using the pwdMinLength
attribute and the ppolicy overlay, but what should I do for the other
two ? If it implies using pwdCheckModule and writing a C function and
plugging it into openldap then I find it  rather difficult for an ldap
administrator just wanting to enforce policies...

Is there any plan to make things easier, like having openldap
providing 2 or 3 default C functions for this module ?

Finally, why is it taking so long for the IETF to approve the ppolicy
draft published in 2001 ? Has the effort been abandonned ?