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Password management question


I have a question about the password management. As i know, it is
possible to use hach functions into openLDAP, for exemple:

password-hash	{CRYPT}
password-crypt-salt-format "$1$somesalt$"

my question is about the compatibility with applications. today, we
have some applications that uses openLDAP to create and authenticate
users. Is there a way to say to openLDAP to hash received userPassword
before inserting it into his database?

imagine an application (application1) that wants to insert a new
record (user account) in a openLDAP directory. Application1 doesn't
know how to hash a password, is there a way to say to openLDAP to hash
this password before adding the entry.

application1 ----------userPassword: testpasswd-----> openLDAP
(hash(testpasswd))------------->bdb ({CRYPT}$1$salt$EdFRTTT.BNHH.

the goal is to make openLDAP manage the hashing process and avoid to
patch the applications

thank you