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Re: OpenSSL clients connect over TLS, GnuTLS clients cannot.

--On Tuesday, May 20, 2008 1:53 PM -0400 Ben Goldsbury <bgoldsbury@gleim.com> wrote:

If OpenLDAP is built against GnuTLS, TLS connections fail with this
error (some debug included):
Does anyone have any ideas whats going on, or any idea how to
troubleshoot this further?

There are a number of bugs in GnuTLS that render it fairly difficult to use. See Debian bug#477396 for example.

I also suggest reading the note on -devel from Howard Chu GnuTLS being considered unsafe to use from a security standpoint.


Is this something that should go to the openldap-bugs mailing list?

OpenLDAP-bugs is really not a general purpose mailing list to just send reports to. You should file an ITS about problems first, and then follow-ups to the ITS (which will get recorded on the openldap-bugs list). This way the mail stays in the ITS system so it can be tracked, and you have a bug# in which everything is tracked.



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