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Re: AW: Just su doesn't work


Now it works.

My problem was in acl's... or better... /etc/ldap.conf haven't any information about rootdn, binddn and rootpw.

After configure the user who will bind the server, and fix acl to that user (to get userPassword attribute), su becomes to login users.



 Tue, 13 May 2008 15:00:25 +0200, "Kick, Claus" <claus.kick@siemens.com> escreveu:

> >Hi.
> >Thanks, but Slackware don't use PAM...
> >But you help me telling to treat the services separatelly.
> >I'll try other services than su and see what happens.
> >[]'s
> >Alexander
> >Brazil - Rio de Janeiro
> Hello Alexander,
> Can you log onto the machine with the users in question?
> For if you cannot, then this sounds a bit like what we had here:
> In our Solaris 10 environment and it turned out that it was an issue
> with an ACL:
> The following solved the problem for us
> access to attrs=userpassword by self write by * read by anonymous auth
> whereas this was too restrictive:
> #access to attr=userpassword by self write by self read by anonymous
> auth
> So, Solaris needed to be able to read the password.
> If you have other ACLs in place, perhaps one of those is creating this
> situation.
> Btw, su-ing from root does not check anything; if you are root and su to
> a user, you can simply do it, you are root, after all.
> Hope this helps,
> Claus