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Re: query Active Directory

Chris Henderson wrote:
 ldapsearch -x -h ad3.merog.org -b "dc=ad3,dc=merog,dc=org" "(cn=user name)"

Thanks. I have tried that already. The problem with this query is that it gives lots of commented-out lines that I don't really need.

ldapsearch outputs LDIF format with comment lines. It's just a ASCII representation format for directory entries (or another variant for modifications).

as one of my applications will query
OpenLDAP directly for that exact value.

If your application directly searches via LDAP it will receive the data structures in the LDAP search results and handle that. It will maybe ask for this particular attribute itself. If it's correctly implemented you don't have to do anything else. Ask the application developers if in doubt or examine your logs to see what they do.

Ciao, Michael.