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Re: Recommendation for Web Interface for OpenLDAP

Wes Modes wrote:
It's not clear from my peripheral once over of web2ldap what it is written in.


How configurable/modifiable is it?

1. Some forms can be customized with HTML templates.

2. Defaults for adding new entries can be configured with LDIF templates in a quick-list.

3. LDAP syntaxes and attribute types can have special Python plugin classes (written in Python) registered for them (by OID or name). Check out the various examples in etc/web2ldap/web2ldapcnf/plugins/. Many things can already be achieved by using exisiting base classes (static/dynamic select lists etc.).

There's currently no plugin API at entry-level for dealing with dependencies between attributes.
For instance, if I need to add functionality to allow it to hash the smb related ldap fields,

Setting the SMB password hashes ntPassword/lmpassword and sambalmpassword/sambaNTPassword is directly supported when changing an entry's password if the entry has one of the Samba object classes attached to it.

> are the hooks there?

Hmm, not sure I have a hook for hashing an attribute value right before adding it to the entry. Maybe some of the class methods could be used to achieve this.

Ciao, Michael.