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Re: noob ldap question

Nizameddin Ordulu writes:
> ldap_add: Constraint violation (19)
>         additional info: dc: multiple values provided

The 'dc' attribute in schema/core.schema is defined with SINGLE-VALUE,
which means one object only can have one 'dc' value.  Yours has two,
'tr' and 'tc':

> dn: dc=tr,dc=tc
> objectClass: top
> objectClass: dcObject
> objectClass: organization
> dc: tr
> dc: tc
> description: top level of the tr.tc hierarchy

Keep 'dc: tr' matching the entry's RDN (the first component of the DN).
Remove 'dc: tc'.  That value would belong in an entry named 'dc=tc', but
that entry doesn't belong in your server since you are presumably not
running a server for the tc domain.

You also need to add an attribute 'o: name of your organization'.  The
'organization' object class requires that the 'o' attribute is present.

For efficiency, add 'index objectClass eq' to slapd.conf, then run
sbin/slapindex while slapd is down to rebuild indexes of your current