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Re: AW: Invalid syntax (21)

Luke Lee <leeluke77@yahoo.com> writes:

> Hi Claus,
> Thank you for your valuable opinion.
> I tried to "fix" the syntax problem by removing the _ from the username. It
> worked! However, I want to use the _ because this is my company's user naming
> convention. I have to point out that when I ran the early version of OpenLDAP
> (version 2.2-13), there were no syntax problems when I used the ldif with the
> nisNetgroupTriple that was defined. I just did a custom build of OpenLDAP
> (version 2.3-39). Then, I immediately encountered the invalid syntax problem
> when I triled to load the same ldif.

RFC-2307 defines the attribute elements of syntax 'keystring,
keystring, as defined in rfc2252, does not allow underscores, if you
do require underscores you may escape this character.


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