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Re: Solairs PAM Password Policy

On Wednesday 23 April 2008 02:51:22 farhan ahmed wrote:
> Hi Buchan,

Please stay on-list.

> Thanks for reply but I am using OpenLdap server rather than Directory
> Server. Any other suggestion ?

The point is, that even with Sun's on directory server, the Solaris pam_ldap 
does not support password policies correctly. As far as I understand, the 
OpenLDAP ppolicy feature (with a draft standard) is compatible with the 
relatively undocumented Netscape LDAP server feature. In the forum post I 
gave, you'll note that HP-UX's pam_ldap supports the password policies 
correctly ...

So, this is a limitation on the Solaris side, there isn't much you can do 
unless you can run PADLs pam_ldap.