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Re: OpenLDAP: slave is not being updated by master and replog is empty

--On Friday, April 18, 2008 10:39 AM -0700 brad davison <gh0t1@yahoo.com> wrote:

I am working in a test environment to construct a SAMBA / LDAP domain for
windows clients. There is a PDC with OpenLDAP server 2.3.35 and SAMBA
3.026 running on ubuntu server 7.10.

The PDC is functioning; I am able to create users and login with them, as
well as join workstations to the domain. The slave slapd was populated
with an output from an ldif file that was exported from the master via:

slapcat -l >> master.ldif

Interseting syntax, since the *option* to -l is a file. Why not just slapcat -l master.ldif?

I had entered the 'replica' line in the master-slapd, and the updatedn
and updateref lines in the slave-slapd as stated in 14.4 in the OpenLDAP
2.3 admin's guide. The 'openldap' user has rights to the replog file.

Problem 1) The master (dc01-ubuntu.example.local) is not updating the
replog file with either a success or failure.

Is slurpd running on the master? I will note that slurpd is deprecated with 2.3 (I.e., it is suggested that you DO NOT USE IT). It has been deleted from OpenLDAP 2.4. You should be using syncrepl or delta-syncrepl instead.

What options is slurpd running with if it is running?

Problem 2) The slave (bdc01-ubuntu.example.local) is not getting updates
from the master when changes occur.

See questions in comment #1.



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