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Re: Loading Ldif files to ldap server

On Thursday 17 April 2008 19:10:04 divya shree wrote:
> Hiii..
> I would like to knw..
> 1...wen the users register themsleves first..wherev will the user details
> (like username n password will b stored).... 2.... if it is stored in the
> mysql backend..how will i migrate this data to the ldif file n load this
> ldif file to the server...

You should probably include more detail on what you are attempting to do.

It seems you want to store accounts for some web-based service in LDAP. This 
is relatively easy to do. All popular web scripting languages (perl, php, 
python, ruby) have LDAP support, and some web application frameworks also 
have LDAP support (e.g. Catalyst, with Plugin::Authenitcation::Store::LDAP 
and Model::LDAP).

You should never really need an LDIF file. You don't give much detail on what 
the mysql is to be used for. I typically put web application *data* in an 
RDBMS, but credentials in a directory (LDAP).