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LDAP Connection

Hi All,
	I have few queries on LDAP connection. I searched in the archieve
but failed to get clarified.

1. Why LDAP server should terminate session if it fails to parse message. It
can either send failure response or drop that particular message expecting a
proper message from the client next time.

Quote from RFC 4511
"If the server receives an LDAPMessage from the client in which the
   LDAPMessage SEQUENCE tag cannot be recognized, the messageID cannot
   be parsed, the tag of the protocolOp is not recognized as a request,
   or the encoding structures or lengths of data fields are found to be
   incorrect, then the server SHOULD return the Notice of Disconnection
   described in Section 4.4.1, with the resultCode set to protocolError,
   and MUST immediately terminate the LDAP session as described in
   Section 5.3."

   "and MUST immediately terminate the LDAP session as described in"

2. How it should be dealt with requests received by server while processing
BIND request? Is it dropped or cached and processed later?

RFC Quote
"Similarly, servers SHOULD NOT
   process or respond to requests received while processing a


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