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Re: Problem searching LDAP

On Wednesday 16 April 2008 13:47:01 Nuno Manuel Martins wrote:

> It seems pretty normal to me and working. However, if I try to search with
> "uid=myuser" nothing is returned.
> What is more, if I instead search with "uid=myuser*" the entry is returned
> successfully, which tells me that somewhere on the LDAP structure I
> probably have a problem with strange characters. Is there a way to
> efficiently correct this or do I have to import everything again?

You have told slapd that you have an equality index on the uid attribute, but 
you did not create the index on the attribute for the existing entries.

Stop slapd, run slapindex, start slapd, and then things should work.

I note that the documentation on the index configuration token explains that 
slapindex should be run ...