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Slapd Won't Start After TLS Was Configured

I've been trying to configure TLS with OpenLDAP on a RedHat Enterprise 4u4 server running OpenLDAP 2.2.13 but failed. The ldap service won't start and the following error messages are showing under the debugging log:
TLS: could not load verify locations (file:`/etc/openldap/TLS/cacert.pem',dir:`/etc/openldap/TLS').
TLS: error:0200100D:system library:fopen:Permission denied bss_file.c:104
TLS: error:2006D002:BIO routines:BIO_new_file:system lib bss_file.c:109
TLS: error:0B084002:x509 certificate routines:X509_load_cert_crl_file:system lib by_file.c:279
main: TLS init def ctx failed: -1
slapd shutdown: freeing system resources.
slapd stopped.
connections_destroy: nothing to destroy.
Can anyone help resolve the problem please? Thanks!
Luke Lee

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