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back-sql question: iodbc or unixodbc


I'm trying to get openLDAP 2.4.8 to work with postgreSQL 8.1.8.
Does it matter which odbc driver manager I use?

In http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/978.html, under "How To Use
It", it specifies to setup unixODBC

while in http://www.samse.fr/GPL/ldap_pg/HOWTO/index.html, it says to
use iodbc.

I actually installed iodbc 3.52.6 and psqlodbc 8.03.0100 but am getting
into a pthread mutex lock when backsql_load_schema_map() is trying to
send the query "SELECT id, name, keytbl, keycol, create_proc,
delete_proc, expect_return FROM ldap_oc_mappings" to postgres. From
attaching gdb, the lock is happening SQLAllocStmt where is it is
recursively being called from SQLAllocStmt_internal().

If others have found success getting openLDAP working with postgres,
could you please share your expertise?

Let me know if I can provide additional data, like the configure options
and other setup/version info.