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Re: Password policy can't replicate in openldap 2.4.8

Paul Lee wrote:
Dear sir,

I found that the account policy can't be replicated in openldap 2.4.8

I setup 2 servers, with Mirror mode. Then, I added the password policy and some user accounts in server 1, I then startup server 2, the user accounts are replicated to server 2.


mirrormode on
serverID   1

slapd.conf in server 2 :

# Password policy
overlay ppolicy
ppolicy_default "cn=default,ou=Policies,o=HKSARG"

overlay syncprov
#access to * by dn="cn=Manager" write by * read
access to * by * write
access to * by * read

Are these your only ACLs?

What do your logs indicate?