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Re: Migration to 2.4.8 version

uri_gr1@tut.by wrote:
I'm atemptting to migrate to openldap-2.4.8(I realy need mirrormode replication). But some problems appear, first of all, number of ldap editors(gq, luma, JXplorer) can't add new entries into ldap tree, actually only phpldapadmin can do than;

Hmm, I doubt that. Maybe some ACLs in effect? You should try to raise the debug level (e.g. by starting slapd on the console with command-line option -d).

second, can't setup pam_ldap/nss_ldap to authenticate via openldap-2.4.8. Last one really makes new openldap version completely unusable.

Well, you don't provide *any* information about your setup. So giving reasonable answers is impossible.

> Is any way to solve this problems?

Given that people are deploying 2.4.8 it seems possible to solve these problems. ;-)

Ciao, Michael.