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ldap group name resolving problem


I have problems with debian etch Linux clients resolving group names
served by our LDAP server. user and passwd work because I can login
"getent group" properly shows the group served by the LDAP server.
eg: #getent group

However "id username" only shows LDAP served groupIDs but not their names.
eg: #id chris
uid=1002(chris) gid=1000 groups=1000,20(dialout)

This means that I can't do things like chgrp eg: "chgroup mygroup
directoryname" gives:
"chgrp: invalid group `mygroup'"

I am using nscd and nsswitch.conf says:
passwd:         files ldap
group:          files ldap
shadow:         files ldap

Any ideas?

Christian Weihrauch,
The University of Reading