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Re: REF: Getting Started - LDAP+PDC

On Tuesday 26 February 2008 08:43:39 Teddy L. Nyambe wrote:
> Hi All,
> Am new. I have LDAP running on a server and created accounts using OXAdmin
> tool form Openxchange, now I want to integrate samba as a PDC and I have
> noticed there are no home directories for users created using the tool.
> Should I create users in /etc/passwd,

Having entries in /etc/passwd has nothing to do with whether the home 
directory exists.

nss_ldap is there to provide user information the the c library functions for 
users in LDAP, as if they were in /etc/passwd. Did you install and configure 
nss_ldap? If you did, then 'getent passwd' should return the details about 
the user.

If you just want the home directories to be created automatically, when only 
the actual home directory itself is missing, add pam_mkhomedir to your PAM 
configuration, and configure samba with 'obey pam restrictions = yes'

> I want to use the already existing 
> users in LDAP and have them log in to the domain. How can I setup this
> please help!?

If this mail doesn't answer your questions, you probably need to state your 
question in more detail.