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RE: LDAP replication

Use MirrorMode replication setup available in 2.4.8. It also has some problems, If you are successful in setting up, do share it up here in e-mail chains  :-)

( slurpd is decrecated and usage of it is not recommended )


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Hello *

 I'm having troubles setting the following LDAP arquitecture. And desperatly need some advices.

 The architecture is formed by a master ldap server (CORE) and several slaves (EDGES).
 They all have a non standard schema that is required for the project we  are working on.

 So one of my questions is:

 Is it possible to replicate data from CORE to EDGEs machines using slurpd or syncrepl, and still have the abbility to change some atributes in slaves directly ? if not what could be a possible solution for this ?

 One of this EDGE machine require atribute translation. We manage to set this working with slurpd replogfile.

 So we can have this:

 B -> C

Where B replicates LDAP data to C slave using slurpd.

But when we try to add the Master server to this:

A -> B -> C

Where A replicates to B with synrepl. replog isn't created for the B -> C replication.

So my other questions are:

 - Can slurpd and syncrepl be used in the same server ?
 - Can a ldap server be configured as master/slave ?
 - What would be your sugestions for solving this issue ?

Using openldap 2.3.27-8

 Best Regards, Rui

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