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ldapadd of LDIF files with attribute 'apple-generateduid' not allowed

I am trying to import a simple LDIF file into OpenDirectory on OS X
10.5.2 Leopard Server.

However when I issue the following ldapadd command I get an error :

ldapadd -D [rootdn] -x -w [secretPassword] -f Import.ldif

Error : 65 Object class violation"
attribute 'apple-generateduid' not allowed

I would have thought that I had specified apple-generateduid, but I

This is my import file
# Alexander Hartner
dn: cn=Alexander Hartner2,cn=people,dc=macbook-znet,dc=local
objectClass: top
objectClass: person
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
displayName: Alexander Hartner2
cn: Alexander Hartner2
givenName: Alexander
sn: Hartner
mail: alex@j2anywhere.com
initials: A
o: j2anywhere.com

I know this might not be the best forum for OS X support, but I am a
bit stuck on this.
Thanks in advance.