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Re: TLS LDAP Configuration w/Linux 5.0

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On Thursday 21 February 2008 17:00:11 Mathis, Jim wrote:
> Buchan,
> Thanks for the info. I want to ensure when I create the certificates
> that I'm doing it correctly. As follows:
> LDAP Server IP:
> Host name: node01
> suffix: dc=S80,dc=com
> Do I create a Certificate Common Name using "node01.S80.com" or "node01"

You use the name that you are going to use to connect to the host with. The 
real fqdn does not matter ....

So, if you are going to use:

URI ldaps://www.microsoft.com

then create a cert for www.microsoft.com

(of course, you should ensure that the name you use resolves to the IP)